Pigeon Droppings Cleaning

Pigeon Droppings Cleaning across Manchester, the North West and the UK.

Bird muck, also referred to as Pigeon droppings or Bird faeces, not only deteriorates the material or surface it lies on but also poses a serious health risk to humans.
Therefore Buildings 2 Clean take great care in using the right equipment and chemicals to clean, remove and sanitise all the affected surfaces and areas.
We have on many occasions taken responsibility of large cleaning and decontamination works for the cleaning of bird faeces and carcass removal, thus having gained valuable experience that enables us to carry out the work safely and effectively.

Buildings 2 Clean are well experienced in carrying out these scopes of works safely and effectively. We leave the previously contaminated areas clean and safe for any tenants, resident’s or staff to return to live or work safely.

Our Pest Control Services team are available to manage and maintain the area and implement proofing solutions to prevent further contamination if required.




We disinfect all the contaminated areas before our operators start the bird faeces removal and cleaning procedure, as you can imagine a lot of this work can take place in confined areas such as stairwells and roof space therefore health and safety is of utmost importance.


Low Pressure Heat and Steam

Once we are ready to carry out the bird dropping removal we use low pressure heat and steam and then remove all debris and waste to ensure it can be thoroughly deep cleaned.


Cleansing Solution

We apply bacticide cleansing solution to ensure all areas are 100% clean, safe and totally free from bird droppings once the clean has been carried out.


Disused or Abandoned Warehouses

We regularly carry out cleaning to disused or abandoned warehouses, storage units and even vacant properties.