Pigeon Droppings Cleaning

Pigeon Droppings Cleaning across Manchester, the North West and the UK.

Pigeon Droppings Cleaning: Bird muck, commonly known as pigeon droppings or bird faeces, can not only degrade the material or surface it settles on, but it also presents a serious health risk to humans. Hence, at Buildings 2 Clean, we prioritize utilizing the appropriate equipment and chemicals to meticulously clean, remove, and sanitize all affected areas and surfaces. Over time, we have spearheaded numerous extensive cleaning and decontamination projects, specifically focusing on the removal of bird faeces and carcasses. This experience has equipped us with the expertise to perform these tasks both safely and effectively.
Buildings 2 Clean are well experienced in carrying out these scopes of works safely and effectively. We leave the previously contaminated areas clean and safe for any tenants, resident’s or staff to return to live or work safely.

Our Pest Control Services team are available to manage and maintain the area and implement proofing solutions to prevent further contamination if required.

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Steps to Clearing Bird Guano.



We disinfect all the contaminated areas before our operators start the bird faeces removal and cleaning procedure, as you can imagine a lot of this work can take place in confined areas such as stairwells and roof space therefore health and safety is of utmost importance.

Low Pressure Heat and Steam

Once we are ready to carry out the bird dropping removal we use low pressure heat and steam and then remove all debris and waste to ensure it can be thoroughly deep cleaned.

Cleansing Solution

We apply bacticide cleansing solution to ensure all areas are 100% clean, safe and totally free from bird droppings once the clean has been carried out.

Disused or Abandoned Warehouses

We regularly carry out cleaning to disused or abandoned warehouses, storage units and even vacant properties.

How To Call Us Out For An Urgent Job

Step 1. Reach out to us

When you need an emergency fix, call 0161 839 4647 for a quick response. You can also chat with us online or fill out our form to contact us.

Step 2. We Gather More Information

The safety of our customers & employees is always our top priority. In order to ensure that we provide the best possible service, we may request a photo of the affected area before coming to site. This helps us prepare for the job and ensures that we have all the necessary equipment.

Step 3. We Provide A Free Estimate or quote

We will provide you with a quote for the work before we start, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Once the work is completed, we will dispose of the guano in a responsible manner, ensuring that your premises are clean and safe.

Negative Impact Of Bird Droppings

Importance of bird droppings removal

Bird guano, or droppings, can present a serious health hazard if not cleaned up in a timely manner. The bird waste can contain harmful bacteria that can cause respiratory problems, digestive issues, and even blindness. In addition, the acidic nature of guano can damage paint and metal surfaces. For these reasons, it is important to hire a professional guano cleaning service when bird waste is present.

Removal of Bird Droppings

The professionals have the necessary safety gear and equipment to safely remove the guano and decontaminate the area. In addition, they can also repair any damage that has been caused by the bird waste. By hiring a professional guano cleaning service, you can protect your health and property from the potential hazards of bird waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean up Pigeon guano / Bird droppings

If you have pigeon droppings on your property, it’s important to clean them up as soon as possible. Pigeon droppings can contain harmful bacteria and parasites that can cause serious health problems if they come into contact with humans. Here are some tips for safely removing pigeon droppings:

– Use gloves and a face mask when cleaning up pigeon droppings.

– Use a shovel or brush to remove as much of the droppings as possible.

– Dispose of the droppings in a plastic bag.

– Thoroughly clean the area where the droppings were located with soap and water.

– If the area is large, you may need to hire a professional decontamination company to clean it.

By following these tips, you can safely remove pigeon droppings from your property and prevent yourself from getting sick. Pigeon guano removal is important for both your health and the aesthetic of your property.

How do you get rid of bird droppings?

The most popular way to remove bird poop from your car is by using baking soda. Spray the solution on swollen pips and let it absorb into their body, then flush away any leftover residue with water!

Does vinegar dissolve bird poop?

One of the most effective ways to get rid of bird droppings is by wiping them off with vinegar or dishwashing liquid. Mix 1 cup water, 2 tsp. Vinegar for a strong acid-based solution that will break down organic material in minutes and remove stains without scratching surfaces like soap does.

Equipment you need to clean up Pigeon Guano safely

When it comes to Pigeon Guano removal, it is important to have the right equipment on hand in order to safely clean up the mess. This includes things like gloves, masks, and protective clothing to avoid coming into contact with the droppings. You will also need to buy a strong disinfectant or sanitizer in order to kill the bacteria.

How do you stop pigeons from returning to an area?

The best way to stop pigeons from returning to an area is to remove their food and water sources. Pigeons are attracted to areas where they can find easy food and water. Once you remove these attractants, the pigeons will be less likely to return.

You should also clean up any pigeon droppings in the area, as these can attract other pigeons. Pigeon guano removal and decontamination cleaning should be done by a professional to ensure that it is done safely and effectively.

Other creative ways to chase pigeons away

There are a variety of ways that you can go about chasing pigeons away. You could try using an ultrasonic bird repelled, which emits high-frequency sounds that only birds can hear. These devices are safe for humans and animals, but they can be quite effective at deterring pigeons. You could also try installing bird netting or wire mesh around your property, which will physically block pigeons from being able to land. Finally, you could try using a visual deterrent like a shiny object or a fake owl. Pigeons are easily scared by anything that seems out of the ordinary, so these methods can be quite effective at keeping them away.