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Achieve a Mould-Free Home with Our Proven 2-Part Mould Removal Process in Manchester & Northwest

Explore our advanced 2-part mould removal process, specifically tailored for properties in and around Manchester and the Northwest. Designed to eliminate 99.99% of visible mould, airborne spores, and related odours, our comprehensive approach leaves your home in a mould-neutral state.

Part 1: Thorough Visible Mould Removal

Our expert technicians kick off the first phase by meticulously removing all visible mould from surfaces throughout your property. From common areas like ceilings, walls, showers, cornices, to windows and doors, we ensure no space is left untouched.

Part 2: Antimicrobial Misting Treatment for Lasting Results

To guarantee the complete eradication of mould and prevent its resurgence, we implement an exclusive microbial indoor sanitizing treatment. Utilizing an electronic ULV machine, we target airborne mould spores after the visible mould removal. This distinctive approach leaves your property in a mould-neutral state, effectively eliminating 99.99% of mould spores and associated odours.

Comprehensive Mould Management and Prevention Plan

Our commitment goes beyond mere removal – we focus on preventing future mould issues. Upon completing the treatment, you’ll receive a personalized Mould Management and Prevention Plan. Our technicians provide detailed guidelines and recommendations tailored to your property, ensuring effective mould prevention. Additionally, you’ll receive a certificate of decontamination for your peace of mind.

Trust our highly trained technicians to not only remove existing mould but also empower you with the knowledge to safeguard your buildings against future infestations. Take the first step towards a mould-free environment – book your free inspection now.


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Mould Removal Manchester

Discover Effective Mould Fogging Services for Airborne Spore Elimination

Explore the power of mould fogging (also known as misting) to transform your indoor environment. Our mould fogging services employ an advanced antimicrobial spray that targets and eradicates airborne mould spores, contributing to a significant improvement in your home’s air quality. This process not only eliminates existing mould issues but also acts as a preventive measure against future mould growth.

Why Choose Mould Fogging?

Mould fogging is a highly effective method for eliminating mould spores, halting their spread, and neutralizing musty odors. However, it’s important to note that as a standalone treatment, it may not completely eradicate mould. To achieve a mould-neutral state, addressing surface growth is essential. Surface colonies must be removed to prevent the continual release of spores during the remediation process.

Comprehensive Mould Remediation Process

Fogging is just one crucial step in our comprehensive mould remediation process. To ensure a thorough solution, we go beyond treating airborne spores and address various factors, including:

  • Removal of physical mould
  • Elimination of mould-affected materials
  • Identification and treatment of the mould source (such as high humidity levels, leaks, and water damage)
  • Maintenance of dry environments with regular airflow

How Mould Fogging Works

Our mould fogging process involves transforming an antimicrobial substance from a liquid into a mist. After physically removing mould from your property, our services include misting the premises to eliminate any remaining airborne mould spores. The mist, when aerosolized, encapsulates each tiny spore, disrupting its membrane and facilitating effective biodegradation.

Necessity of Mould Misting

Misting is a crucial step in the mould removal process, targeting airborne spores that mould releases to grow and spread. By addressing these spores during the removal process, we prevent infestations from recurring. Eliminating airborne mould spores is essential for achieving effective mould remediation.

Choose Buildings2Clean for Comprehensive Mould Remediation

Our misting treatment ensures the elimination of 99.99% of all mould spores and mould-related odours, creating a safe and mould-neutral environment. Trust Buildings2Clean for a thorough mould remediation solution that protects your health and prevents future mould growth.

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