Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning Services across Manchester, North West and the UK.

We have our own chemical engineers on board, this enables us as a company to progress a technical chemical clean safely and efficiently.

Chemical Cleaning Services are used to resolve a number of problems from environmental staining to carbon deposits.

Jet washing is not always a suitable option on some surfaces, for example delicate surfaces including cladding, some metals and steels require the use of specialised cleaning methods.

This includes the correct chemical for the type of surface being cleaned in conjunction with low pressure heat and steam which can produce amazing results.

This is all included within our Chemical Cleaning Service.

We are different from many of our competitors because we have our own chemical cleaning engineers on board. This enables us as a company to progress a technical chemical cleaning project safely and efficiently with the best results possible.

We have previously been and are regularly contracted to complete chemical cleaning projects that other cleaning companies would not or cannot carry out correctly or effectively.

Our experience in the industry


Over the years Buildings 2 Clean has had to adapt to all different kinds of work that our clients have tasked us to carry out.


Through our can do attitude and specialised equipment, not forgetting our training and professional outlook, there is not much we haven’t come across in the chemical cleaning side of the industry.


References are available from our very satisfied clients.