Drone Surveying

Drone Surveying Services across Manchester, North West and the UK.

Why use our Drone Surveying service?

Streamlining Operations with Drone Surveying

Innovatively, our Drone Surveying service eliminates the need for hiring contractors, cherry pickers, or scaffolding. Furthermore, licensed and insured operators skillfully navigate drones, capturing 6k ultra HD videos for comprehensive inspections.

Weathering Challenges: Adapting to the English Climate

Amidst adverse weather conditions, our drone surveys efficiently identify potential damage without exposing personnel to hazardous situations. Notably, the unpredictable English climate, marked by torrential rain and high winds, poses challenges to buildings across various locations.

Comprehensive Analysis of Building Components

Going beyond mere issue identification, our surveys provide an intricate analysis of damaged components—guttering, lead flashing, roof tiles/panels, chimney stacks, and church spires. Additionally, we meticulously evaluate gutter system functionality, swiftly detecting blockages that could lead to water ingress.

Proactive Maintenance: Preventing Water Damage

This proactive approach enables us to offer comprehensive quotes for necessary cleaning works, ensuring optimal performance and preventing potential water damage caused by obstructed drains.

Integrating Technology for Building Integrity

Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, skilled operators, and a keen focus on preventive maintenance, our Drone Surveying service not only facilitates problem identification but also enables prompt rectification. Consequently, it provides clients with an efficient and effective means of maintaining building integrity.


We at Buildings 2 clean have many years of experience with clearing and cleaning roof gutter systems, be these on residential buildings or commercial we can get your gutters and drainage system working optimally in no time.

Looking at making a promotional video of a building that is up for sale? Or are you having a building restored and want to show off the works that are being?
Our drone service could be perfect for you! With 6k ultra HD video and pictures, a promotional fly around video can really showcase your building/works to potential buyers/clients.

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