Drone Surveying

Drone Surveying Services across Manchester, the North West and the UK.

Why use our Drone Surveying service?

Using our Drone Surveying service makes life so much easier, there’s no need to hire in contractors, cherry pickers or scaffolding to access the areas. All it takes is one of our licensed and insured operators to fly the drone over the areas that need inspecting and in no time you have a 6k ultra HD video for inspection. Our drone survey is none invasive, and can give you highly detailed imagery of otherwise inaccessible areas.

We all know how bad the English weather can be, torrential rain and high winds can bring damage to any building in any location. With a Buildings 2 Clean Drone survey we can identify any areas that have been damaged without putting a man in a potentially dangerous situation due to roof damage.

We can identify damaged guttering, lead flashing, damaged roof tiles/panels, chimney stacks and church spires. We can also check if the gutter system along the roof is working as it should, we can quickly identify if the gutter systems needs a clean to prevent any water ingress caused by blocked drains. We can then supply you with a quote for the works to clean the gutter system out and have it working as it should, making this a easy solution to identify any problems and rectify them promptly.

We at Buildings 2 clean have many years of experience with clearing and cleaning roof gutter systems, be these on residential buildings or commercial we can get your gutters and drainage system working optimally in no time.

Looking at making a promotional video of a building that is up for sale? Or are you having a building restored and want to show off the works that are being?
Our drone service could be perfect for you! With 6k ultra HD video and pictures, a promotional fly around video can really showcase your building/works to potential buyers/clients.

Our Drone Work